Behind The Scenes: Mantra Made Great

We really love having fun at work. So when we were deciding what to do for April Fools’ Day this year, the idea to revisit our Digital Yoga play from last year came up. We ran with it! But we decided to take it to the next level.

In honor of the one year anniversary, we made a video highlighting what our last year (supposedly) looked like as Mantra Made Great. From opening our meetings with a collective “ohm” to running design reviews while in various yoga positions, we created the illusion of an agency run as a yoga center. To push it even further, we included new “rules” we needed to follow in order to reach the ultimate goal: Mantra Certification.

Mantra Certification could be met only if we followed some additional guidelines in our workflow. This included a 15-minute Shavasana break every hour, a Sattvic-only diet, and upgrading our QA-checklist to include some new steps. We had a blast brainstorming, filming, and editing the project together. Check out some of our behind the scenes photos and clips below.

See the final project below!