Exposure Basics for Every Photographer – Infographic

Everyone loves taking pictures and lots of people have decided to upgrade to a digital camera that allows for more control and interchangeable lenses. But these cameras are also harder to use and not everyone has the time (or money) to go to art school. So we decided to put together some camera basics to help you make pictures that will stand out on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

To break it down, we’ve created an infographic that identifies and explains the three main factors in making an exposure on a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and how they give you the control you need to make the picture you want to make: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Take a look at what we’ve put together and then try playing around with these settings on your camera. We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your photos on Instagram and be sure to tag us @mediamadegreatinsty.

Download the infographic here: Exposure Basics for Every Photographer