Perspectives: A Photo Challenge – Fall

This photo challenge aims to show our distinctive perspectives on a variety of themes. Since each of us as individuals at MMG are creative and unique in our own ways, we try to share that and push ourselves to grow as much as possible. This monthly photo challenge allows us to capture what we see in our world, but also to share our personalities with our community. This adventure in creativity is one that we hope you will us join on, so please share your images using the hashtag #MMGPhotoChallenge. The theme for this round is Fall. Apparently we all interpret fall pretty similarly. And it seems to mean one definite thing to us: leaves.


Mike’s Photo


Alex’s Photo: Fall hitting the city.


Dan’s Photo: Did you know that 90% of the pumpkins used in North America are grown in Illinois?


Renuka’s Photo: The leaves change color in a small Michigan town.


Angelica’s Photos: #colors #fall #chicago #nature #october #leaves

We hope you enjoyed our perspectives on our fall. Join us next month for our take on a new theme! If you’re craving more photography, you might also be interested in checking out our exposure basics infographic. You can learn all about techniques to improve your photography skills! If you’re interested in more photo challenges, you’ll find last month’s perspectives here.

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